Our services - floor

1. Parquet and plank floor laying

You want a nice, cozy parquet or maybe a plank floor? We make your wish come true! We offer oak, birch, ash, pine, or even exotic species of trees and wooden parquet floor laying works in full - from the preparation of the room until the ready and laid flooring. As before laying the floor it is important to determine which type of flooring would be most suitable for your space and needs, our experts will tell you the specifics of each floor and will help you to choose the most appropriate. All the preparation and installation will be done strictly according to the schedule and the cost estimate.

2. Parquet and plank floor and wooden staircase restoration

You do not know what to do with old wooden floor? Ask us! Old wooden floors are undervalued treasure - in contrast to the new floors, they have already passed the test of time and usually require only restoration to serve many more years. Our masters will return the faded glory of the floor.

3. Natural and homogeneous linoleum floor construction (with seams)

If you need floor space with a large load - in offices, corridors, schools - instead of wooden floors may be linoleum. We offer both natural and artificial (homogeneous) linoleum floor.

4. Oak parquet and other species of trees boards sales (with delivery)

We offer the possibility of ex-factory prices to buy Latvian produced oak parquet boards of the Latvian high quality trees grown. You will not have to spend your time and money, our specialists will come to you and show you the parquet samples and explain the specifics to be taken into account when installing the floor. Separate arrangements can also cause other species of trees boards (ash, pine, birch, etc.). All boards by supply, providing a guarantee of quality.

5. Advice on the correct choice of materials for floors and decking

Do not reinvent the wheel again - if you follow the principle of "DIY", our specialists will give you advice to help you understand all the "magic tricks" to get an ideal parquet or plank flooring.