Our Services - Construction

1. Wooden frame house construction and renovation

Timber frame building is one of the most modern and most effective types of construction, although it has a long history. In recent decades, this type of construction has won great popularity in North America and Northern Europe, and is now also available in Latvian. Timber frame houses does not require too deep foundations, the construction taking place quickly, and it is possible to build a house in a few months. They provide a high level of energy efficiency and fire safety, the cost is relatively low, and it is possible to build in the winter.
Timber frame construction is relatively simple. Normally, structures are used pine tree. From the outside the structure is coated with insulating materials. Exterior generally prefer plaster or brick. You can use any roofing. Bearing house design allows to build 3 storey height. It is important to think about the insulation in order to avoid the formation of condensation and ventilated to the walls. Timber frame houses have high-quality real estate, which, properly constructed and managed, can serve 100 years and longer.

2. Joinery Works - various wooden constructions and restoration

"M & S Būve" perform different type and complexity of carpentry houses, apartments, offices and elsewhere. Basically, these works are related to woodworking. The most demanded services door installation, window sills and curb installation, various wooden coverings and interior elements production. At carpentry services may also include a loggia with insulation boards and plastic panels, furniture assembly and repairs. You will arrive at the qualified expert and quick to do everything necessary.

3. Roofing

We have specialized in building teams dealing with any complexity all types roofer works. For example, we carry out a soft roof decking, metal roofing assembly, tile roof assembly, rafter assembly, all types of lathing. Also we arrange the roof waterproofing and drainage, building a cornice hanging cladding. We also provide a complete reconstruction of the roof. If you require dismantling of the old roof, roof repair, or any roofing decking, we will certainly help you.

4. Tiling works

Our craftsmen with many years of experience in making all kinds of high quality tiling, including mosaics and align the surface before tiling. We are tiling the bathroom and kitchen walls, fireplace trim, stairs. We also pool tiling and, in cooperation with the pool system suppliers, we perform the complete cycle of the pool installation.

5. Painting works

We also perform finishing work - coat and paint apartments, private houses and commercial complexes - hotels, offices, shops and industrial premises.

6. Bricklaying

7. Apartment house building

8. Concrete work

We perform foundation, walls, ceilings and walls to exhibit concreting.